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Carcade is the key to the most connected car community because it supports you navigating through all of the great things the community has to offer


Asset Management

Got Paperwork? Got a lot of cars? Got Both? The Carcade Asset Manager has a place for all of your vehicle's records, reminders, and pictures. Read, edit, and update all about your vehicle to keep it in the best shape possible. You can even submit your asset for scoring by Carcade.

The Game Purpose of the Asset Manager – The Details of your vehicle and the records you add to the asset have options for making them publicly available for viewing when someone looks at your vehicle’s Carcade profile. All of your vehicle’s details are turned into the digital version of those poster boards you see in front of car show cars. Show people what your ride is made of 

Event Finder

See just how big your local automotive scene is with the community events map. Get details and reminders on upcoming events.

The Game Purpose of the Asset Manager – Car shows and gatherings are hotspots for finding Carcade vehicles!

Vehicle Service

Service Sourcing

Smarter than a Google search, the Service Sourcing in Carcade helps auto owners find the best shop to service their vehicle instead of just any shop that can service their vehicle. General Services are widely available, but when you get into niches, rare vehicles, classics, exotics, and luxury, you want the best person for the job.

The Game Purpose of Service Sourcing – Service Providers are supporting the health of the automobiles enthusiasts and game players alike want to see and learn about. 

Automotive Enthusiast Game

Change the game of automotive enthusiasm, literally. Carcade the game is a scavenger hunt for real cars in the real world. You find a vehicle marked for Carcade (with a qr badge), scan it, earn points, get awards. Get awards for how many cars you see, the total CCs you earn (Carcade Coins), and the assets you manage in your profile!

The Business Purpose of the Game – How much better do you feel about something when you are familiar with it? We are all at different levels and experiences with vehicles and Carcade brings a path to automotive knowledge growth 

Public Vehicle Profiles

Your vehicle has a story. The Public profile tells that story when you aren't there to tell it and when someone wants to hear more than you have the desire, or time, to say. From headlights and muffler tips to the story about how you saved it from a junkyard, Carcade will get your story to anyone looking (and scanning) for it.

The Game Purpose of Public Vehicle Profiles – These are the gamer rewards for finding the car. They get points, they get a story, they might even get to meet you, the owner! 

Member Subscriptions

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Asset management and Game
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  • Asset Manager
  • Public Vehicle Profiles
  • Service Sourcing
  • Event Finder
  • The Game
  • Vehicle Map

Have a small auto services business and see opportunity for Carcade to help you manage your work? 

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